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Five Anti Spam Organisations you should know

There aren’t any stories here about hackers and white hats and black hats well apart from several months ago when a company known as Blue Security managed to shut down a number of low level spammers by using their own spamming techniques against them.

Unfortunately, they never met a level 10 spammer who struck back and forced Blue Security to shut down. You can read the full story here

However you may be interested in the number of anti-spam organisations that can help you better protect yourself against different types of Spam. Here are a few.

This is a great site that maintains various lists of known spammer IP addresses. These lists can be used by standard junk mail filters to block unsolicited mail from Spammers. Unfortunately they seem to get more junk email than any person in the world because people keep forwarding their junk mail to them in the hopes that they will add the spammers IP address to their list. Chances are they’ve already got it, the poor dears! So please read their rules on how to nominate a spammer before actually sending them an email.

This site actually shows you their blacklist (blocked spammer IP addresseses).

Absolutely great web-site 9and one of the oldest) full of useful information that has been built up over the last decade. Information on this site includes, how to report spam, how to trace spams (if you have the time), information about spam blocking and filtering and preventing web blog spam.

A comprehensive portal to everything Spam.

It looks like this site isn’t going – but lots of great stuff here anyway.

If you know of any other anti-spam organisations please add their web-sites in the comments section with a brief paragraph about them.