PC Sales Slowed to 6.4% in EMEA in 2Q06 as the World Cup Hampered Shipment Levels

EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) PC shipments recorded a modest 6.4% growth year on year in the second quarter of 2006, according to preliminary data released today by IDC.

The World Cup contributed to the slower demand for PCs in many countries across the region, while large inventory in the channel since 1Q contributed to constrain new shipment levels.

The portable shift continued unabated across the region, however, with notebooks continuing to show double-digit growth.

Western Europe was clearly the most affected by the trends observed this quarter, posting a modest 0.7% growth overall for PC sales, and thanks to sustained notebook demand, which partially offset declining desktop trends.

Meanwhile, Central and Eastern Europe came close to expectations at a solid 21% growth and the Middle East and Africa maintained healthy trends at close to 17%, despite disappointing desktop growth in some countries.

Desktop sales suffered, as anticipated, from limited business refresh cycle activity, while in the consumer space, the continued traction around portables, assisted by increasingly attractive price points, continued to prevent a rebound in consumer desktop demand.