Another Day, Another Nicked Laptop

Here we go again. DEUFH (Dreaded End User From Hell for those that have never worked in tech support) gets laptop nicked from car.

This story from the Register recounts how a user in US ended up getting a laptop stolen from the back of their SUV (what else). Containing 133,000 entries for holders of car, truck and airline licences the Florida Department of Transportation laptop went missing 2 weeks before the story hit the news wires. Apparently the data, which includes social security numbers was unencrypted as the DEUFH had not resynchronised the laptop to reload encryption software following a major system upgrade.

It raises so many questions. Why allow so much sensitive data to be downloaded to a laptop which is as vulnerable as this? What was the user going to do with so much data remotely anyway? Working from home is fine when it comes to typing up documents or doing simple spreadsheets but did they really need all of this data locally?

$10K is being offered for the return of the laptop if you see it lying around.