DVDs to come with embedded RFID chips

And now - a roll of drums for the guys at the RIAA - here's the latest idea to stamp our piracy: fit high-def DVDs and DVD players with RFID chipsets and readers, respectively.

As if this idea isn't going to rev up the blood pressure of several thousands of hacker programmers around the world. I'd give such a copy protection system around 28 days before it was cracked.

And that's before the privacy boys such as EPIC and others, get to town on thoroughly dissing the system as an invasion of privacy.

According to new newswire reports the RFID-enabled DVD players will make sure you're not trying to do anything fun like playing the movie in an incorrect geographical region, or running a copied disc.

But get this - Ritek is apparently all geared up to start manufacturing chipped DVD discs in Taiwan for at least one major movie company!

Talk about the kiss of death for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray...