Ozzie suspected of sending billions of spam messages

An Australian geezer is under investigation by the Oz authorities for allegedly sending more than two billion junk emails in under 12 months promoting - you guessed - little blue pills.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority says it started investigating the man, whose identity has not been given for legal reasons, following a tip-off from the Dutch authorities.

The Associated Press quotes ACMA chairperson Lyn Maddock as saying that officials have searched the man's home and were examining the evidence.

But this is no simple investigation. Under Oz law, anyone or any company found guilty of sending unwanted - even using systems outside of the country - faces penalties of 80,000 UK quidlets a day upwards.

The newswire quotes Danyel Molenaar, a project manager for the Dutch Independent Regulator of Post and Telecommunications, as saying the Ozzie guy had rented 35 servers - at a cost of 4,000 UK quidlets a month each - from a small ISP in the Netherlands.

Wow - that's a lot of spam email potential...