Australian government carries out tests on fake Internet..

The Australian government is reported to have staged a major test of its cyberattack contingency plans for when - and if - the Internet comes under sustained assault by hackers or persons unknown.

What's interesting about the test, which was carried out earlier this year if the Sydney Morning Herald is to be believed, is that the Ozzie authorities ran their tests on an Internet simulator.

The paper quotes the Ozzie Homeland Security Department as saying that the four day test, which involved more than 300 people from various government agencies, technology firms and ISPs, was a great success.

Oh, and it cost more than a million UK quidlets to stage.

Okay - now the bad news. The Ozzie department's report noted gaps in the response of communications and sluggish public assurances during the test.

The report on the test concluded that responders were widely unable to determine whether the series of simulated hackings, which could have halted subways and triggered power outages, were isolated or part of a co-ordinated assault...