Copyright infringement on uploads - some mistake, surely?

Just tottered back from the Mobile Content World show in London with some interesting facts about what the industry calls community upload services.

Basically these services allow Netters to upload their own content, usually mini-vid clips from their PC or mobile phone, and allow others to download and watch, sometimes making a payment for the clip concerned.

On the mobile front, 3 kicked off its service - called SeeMeTV - last year - and I gather that, even at one pee per download, 3 is paying some of its subscribers as much as five grand a month in commission cheques.

But it's not all beer and skittles on these community upload services, as Angel Gambino, an ex-BBC content lady who now works on content strategy for MTV, told delegates at the event that MTV's research suggests that 60 per cent of all consumer uploads to these services involve some form of copyright infringement.

Often, she said, the infringement is quite innocent, with music being played in the background of a home-made video.

Other facts from MTV's research found that only 10 per cent of registered users of these community upload services actually upload.

The vast majority, Ms Gambino said, are downloaders - or freeloaders. She's not stupid, is Ms Gambino...