ICT Council announces to launch an Open Training Content Project

On the 16th September 2006, the same day of the Software Freedom Day 06, the International ICT Council announced they are going to launch an "Open Training Content Project" on or before mid-November 06.

The Council has the objective to bridge Digital Divide. Base on open technology, the Council launched several certification programs earlier this year.

Those programs includes junior to master levels of Linux Administration, Embedded Linux Development, Software Testing & Computer Information Forensics Investigation.

The Council is planning to launch new certification programs later this year to enhance vertical & horizontal needs of Open Technology certification.

Certification is a mean to prove someone's competence level and provides a systematic reference for corporations in their recruitment process.

There is no doubt to say that it helps people to increase their ability to enhance their career, and provide corporations to lay out training paths to increase employees performance and thus of the corporations.

Besides certification programs on open technology, the International ICT Council deploys a Global Pricing Tactics to enhance equal opportunity of being certified.