Lost Software Business Due to Pathetic Online Marketing

MarketingSherpa has announced the results of an observational study of America's 44 largest business software firms' search engine marketing (SEM).

Data indicates that 25% of these predominantly Fortune 500 companies' Web sites actually devote the lowest percent of budget to online marketing and are inadequately search engine optimized (SEO), so they do not appear in searches for the type of software they offer. More results data at: http://businesstechnologymarketingdata.marketingsherpa.com/?source=mspr2unopt1

The research team examined 161 business software firms' Web sites and search engine rankings. The top 44 largest firms -- including many Fortune 500 companies -- were included in the study which found that 25% of their Web sites were inadequately optimized for search engine visibility.

In addition, the research uncovered corresponding data that shows the larger the business technology firm, the smaller the overall share in its marketing and advertising budget that is set aside for its online marketing. The smallest business technology firms spend 58% of marketing budget online. The largest players only spend 7% of marketing budget online.