Send Mobile Phone Pictures Direct To The Police

Imagine you're a 9-9-9 operator. On a hot summer’s day, a woman calls 9-9-9 from her cell phone to report a suspicious man in a shopping mall who's wearing a long overcoat.

Obviously, you'd want to gather as much information from the caller as possible -- including a description of the person. But what if the caller could send a picture of the man from her camera phone?

PowerPhone has unveiled a new system for delivering cell phone photos from callers right to call handlers.

While some public safety agencies have started accepting cell phone photos to a generic e-mail address, PowerPhone's system is the first that integrates these photos directly into a 9-9-9 call record.

Latest research shows that, of the 741 million cell phones in use worldwide, over 50% are camera phones. This number is expected to grow to 87% of phones in use by 2010.

In a recent study conducted by a leading European mobile communications retailer in conjunction with the London School of Economics, over 50% of respondents said they would use their camera phone to record evidence of a crime and 47% said they would take pictures of a crime in progress.