Should you really use a white hat?

IN the film Star Wars, we met a character known as Darth vader who appeared to be one of the most evil people in the Universe. It was only in the first three films that we learned the history of Anakin Skywalker and how he used to be a force for good before turning to the dark side. So what has this got to do with white hats?

"White hats" - are quite often referred to as "hackers" made good.

Obviously not all white hats have been hackers. Some have grown up in the security field fighting the different incursions into their corporate defences and learning how the black hats operate. It is the "hackers made good" type of white hat that I have concerns with. The reason for this is that just as easily as someone can turn from being a black hat to a white hat - then with the right pressures and circumstances they can just as easily be turned back from a white hat to a black hat. Taking this argument to its logical conclusion, people who have been in charge of your IT security for most of their life could potentially be corrupted.

Far-fetched? Perhaps. Impossible no. With all the great and rightly deserved publicity surrounding white hats I still feel a little nervous. It may have been one of the worst films released last year but the film Firewall does beg the question. What systems do you have in place should your security expert go awol?