UK University students to get cheap Triple Play

Global Crossing has been awarded a three-year contract to offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as part of a new service targeted at the research- and-education and consumer markets.

The service forms part of a triple-play offering being launched by Inuk Networks later this year and is aimed initially at a UK university student population of more than three million. The service will include broadband Internet access, IPTV and VoIP.

Inuk Networks has developed an innovative platform, known as Freewire, which delivers broadcast-quality television over IP networks that have a multi-casting capability. The Freewire bundle includes VoIP and Internet services.

Since July 2005, Inuk has been collaborating with UKERNA, operators of the JANET education and research network in the UK, to use this high-capacity IP infrastructure to transport both IPTV and VoIP services.

Through a single connection, students will be able to receive mainstream and premium television content, as well as low-cost telephony to keep in touch with fellow students, university staff and the world at large.

Using Freewire VoIP service, students will be able to make calls from Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones or ‘soft-phones’ on PCs. Calls to other students will be free and Global Crossing will terminate fixed-line and wireless outbound calls to domestic and international destinations via its global VoIP network.

External callers will be able to make calls at highly competitive rates using a single 0844 local rate number. Incoming traffic also will be routed over Global Crossing's VoIP network.