Barclaycard boosts anti-fraud system

Getting the bank and card companies to tell the real world what technology they're using to counter fraud is like extracting hen's teeth, so it's interesting to hear that Barclaycard has adopted a new anti-money laundering system called dn:Match from Datanomic.

According to Computer Weekly, the card issuer will use the system to screen clients in order to comply with the latest anti-money laundering legislation and guidance.

Plans call for the dn:Match software to be installed at Barclaycard sites in the UK, North America and Africa over the next few months.

So what is dn:Match? According to Datanomic, the software is a data matching engine that allows sophisticated cross-referencing of information from a wide variety of sources.

Barclaycard says it gets its information from a variety of suppliers, including the Bank of England.

I've long suspected that the Bank of England maintained a central registry of bank accounts for MI5, MI6 and other security agencies. This is about as close as I've come to confirming that database as existing. Funny how the Bank's press office never return my calls on the subject...