Free digital safe box for your identity

PAOGA Ltd has introduced the industry’s first trusted Personal Identity Exchange service. This provides individuals with a free global web service for recording, maintaining and profiting from their personal identity details in a single, secure ‘Digital Safe Box’.

In addition it has a component that gives the user both right of refusal and an audit trail when sharing their personal details with companies, organizations and third parties.

The Personal Identity Exchange will provide individuals with authentication, verification and certification services of their identity and data, which can be accessed or shared ‘under their control, with their consent and for their benefit’.

A person’s details are held on average on more than 1,000 databases worldwide and despite data protection laws, individuals have no means of even knowing where their personal details are stored let alone verifying or removing information.

As anxiety surrounding privacy protection, identity theft, and online fraud has become a daily, mainstream occurrence, there is a growing need for a mechanism that returns power and control back to the individual.

The service provides individuals with a secure, structured store of personal information that they can manage themselves.

Most importantly, they are able to share this information, on a case by case basis, with third party organizations of their choice, such as suppliers, retailers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, educational institutions and areas of government.

By granting permission for access to selected fields of their personal information, individuals will have complete transparency and a full audit trail of who has requested their details and for what purpose.

This audit trail provides the history of a transaction and specifies its future, by prescribing the terms of use for the data.