Online training portal launched

Resolvo Systems announced today the official launch of OpenOffice.Org Computer based training portal, a free online training portal for 2.0 users. See

This OpenOffice.Org online training portal provides with

- Comprehensive step-by-step interactive flash tutorials

- Knowledge base with search by topic/keywords capability

- Humorous animation coupled and online quizzes to measure pass rate for users.

Recent development of OpenOffice.Org has been very positive, especially now that Open Document Format (ODF), the format which OpenOffice.Org uses, has become an ISO standard since May 2006.

Resolvo also hopes to explore partnership with various Linux desktop operating system vendors on extending value of their current Linux desktop O/S (usually comes default with OpenOffice.Org) with this training portal.

A possible partnership with Linspire and/or Ubuntu might be a potential lead to exploit.

Access to this portal is free for individual/home use. For corporate, there is a free trial version available online.