Wireless Broadband boost Teleworking

Remote workers, and Britons in general, are increasingly opting for a wireless world and dreaming of surfing the Net from wherever they choose, be it backyard, boardroom or beach, according to a survey from Internet provider AOL.

Wireless broadband means that people have more opportunities to browse everywhere, from the loo to the bed and the kitchen, thereby, increasing the opportunity to sell and do business.

More than a third of the online population in the UK now has access to a wireless connection, reveals the survey of more than 2,000 UK Internet users, carried out for AOL by human behaviour research company Populus.

Half of all those surveyed chose the garden as their dream location to surf wirelessly, ahead of the bed or the beach. Just a quarter said they would most like to have wireless access from the bedroom, while 15% said they dreamed of surfing on sandy shores.

Nearly 85% of those who are already wireless have access in the home, with 12% using it at the office and the remainder using Internet hotspots.

Three quarters of wireless users have started using it in the last year and over half have done so within the last six months, showing rapid growth in uptake recently.