Get your e-receipts stored online forever

Shoppers are using the Internet to buy high value goods which often include warranty periods of 3 years or longer, with sales receipts being provided through email.

Internet companies, particularly SMEs, are increasingly resorting to e-receipts as a way of cutting cost and improve efficiency.

Over any lengthy period of time this is likely to be a problem when the shopper is requested to provide proof of purchase, as email can so easily get lost, corrupted or the user simply changes computer.

A new website called proof of purchase ( was launched in April this year to solve that problem.

Users can upload any electronic documentation they have about goods purchased to a remote, secure, private database together with contact information about the supplier and manufacturer.

Although it looks like a good idea, I would advise you to store all electronic documents on a separate web-only email account (your Yahoo mail account for example).

Not only, you would pay the annual subscription of £10 that you have to pay to proofofpurchase, but more importantly, some very personal details will not disappear overnight.