Is Tape dead?

Techtarget (via computerweekly) asks whether tape backups are actually a thing of the past when it comes to disaster recovery.

Pierre Dorion, the writer, states that tape is actually surviving, if not thriving, because of its "low cost and its ease of portability to send it offsite".

Tapes are small but they do have a number of disadvantages.

- Tapes are relatively fragile. However this is shared by most storage media.

- Tape requires varying multiple platforms, which are expensive to maintain within one.

- Tape is linear in nature which means that finding a particular file or piece of data can be very cumbersome.

- Tape is no longer the least expensive storage platform.

- Tape is a slow medium in terms of transfer rates and seek speeds

- Tape is still using the same old century technology; it is closer to floppy disk

- The tape environment is relatively heterogeneous when compared to others like hard drives

Even if LTO tape is breathing some life into that segment, it won’t be long before tape rejoins Floppy and Zip disks.