Gaming Passion Extends to Consumer Goods

According to Ziff Davis Game Group's annual "Digital Gaming in America" survey, the most enthusiastic videogamers are also the heaviest buyers of consumer goods overall.

The 2006 study, which distinguishes between core gamers, regular players, and casual gamers, includes a new consumer section that examines gamers' packaged goods purchase behavior for products including clothing, cars, consumer electronics, DVDs, and music downloads.

The Digital Gaming in America study is designed each year by Ziff Davis Game Group, publishers of leading online and print brands including, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine and the soon to be published Games for Windows: The Official Magazine.

The new consumer portion of Digital Gaming in America shows that "core" gamers -- those who typically buy eight or more games per year and play 10 or more hours per week -- are also the biggest spenders on consumer goods in general: core gamers report spending $710 each on clothing in the last six months, versus $375 by "casual" gamers (those who bought less than one game in the last six months and play five or fewer hours per week).

Core gamers also spent $116 on DVDs in the last six months, versus $64 by casual gamers. The same pattern holds for athletic shoes, consumer electronics, CDs, and online music downloads. The study also reveals that eight out of 10 core gamers own a vehicle, and 27% are likely to purchase a vehicle in the next six months.

According to the survey, the number of U.S households playing video or computer games rose 10% versus a year ago. Out of a total of 113 million U.S. households, 83.7 million play video or computer games, and 21.4 million of these are core gamers.

While core gamers comprise only 25.6% of gamers, they account for fully 54% of the total $11 billion spent on gaming in 2005.

The majority of core gamers own four or more gaming platforms. This set of engaged early adopters has grown by over 8% since last year.