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Nominum gives away Network Diagnostic Tools

Nominum gave away three tools, DNSPerf, ResPerf, and DHCPerf, to deliver accurate performance metrics of Domain Name Services (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services, all of which are free for download on Nominum's web site.

These tools are easy-to-use and simulate real Internet workloads to provide the necessary insight that carriers need to plan and deploy network services.

DNSPerf measures Authoritative Domain Name services and is designed to simulate network conditions by "self-pacing" the query load. Caching services performance and workload profile differ significantly from Authoritative Domain services; therefore a different tool is needed.

ResPerf is designed specifically to simulate Caching Domain Name services. To test a caching server, ResPerf systematically increases the query rate and monitors the response rate.

The third tool, DHCPerf, measures the DHCP lease assignments to client computers by ramping up lease assignment over time to determine the maximum performance profile.

The combination of DNSPerf, ResPerf, and DHCPerf delivers a powerful toolset to carriers to increase the reliability, availability and quality of service of their networks, as well as their predictive forecasting insights.

These three free tools provide the development foundation for new efficiencies and strengthen the efforts to safeguard against the fluctuating costs of growing networks.

Authoritative and Caching DNS services are an essential component of communication provider networks that provides a worldwide domain-based translation service for IP services that all Internet users use everyday.

DHCP is one of the fundamental protocols that connect devices to networks and facilitate the central management and automation of IP assignments in an organization's network. Without these protocols, no one could use the Internet.

Nominum DNSPerf, ResPerf, and DHCPerf are available immediately and for free via download at

Désiré Athow

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