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SVCHOST.exe Clone – the latest killer virus

CyberDefender has identified the following extremely dangerous category 7.9 and 7.4 high risk computer viruses for September 12, 2006.

CyberDefender Threat Level: 7.9 very high

Virus Filename: shchostv.exe.~

Date Discovered: 09/10/2006 19:35:00

CyberDefender Threat Level: 7.4 very high

Virus Filename: ~7464dbc3.exe.~

Date Discovered: 09/11/2006 00:50:00

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The shchostv.exe virus is extremely dangerous, as it logs user activity and presents a high risk of potential system damage or distribution. (Editor’s note : The SHCHOSTV.EXE has been named after the ubiquitous SVCHOST.exe which is essential to the smooth running of Windows XP)