Windows Tax: save £25 per PC

As Linux makes greater headway on the desktop, a growing number of manufacturers like Maxdata have opted not to sell computers loaded with the Windows XP operating system.

Two years ago, a Belgian, Christophe Vandeplas, actually managed to convince Acer to remove Windows XP from his laptop AND give him some money back.

Christophe put all the details on his website with a few links here and there. The bottom line is that you can get a refund from the manufacturers. Whether it is worth the fuss is something else.

In Christophe’s case, he managed to get 30 Euros, which is around £22, which is less than half the price that you would pay to buy a retail version of Windows XP Home at Ebuyer for example.

There’s also precedence from Steve Oualline of Linux Journal who managed to get the full USD 199 refund for his unused copy of Microsoft Windows XP.

The routes that he went through and the tactics that he used are well documented on Linuxjournal’s webpage. The readers’ comments are also well worth reading.