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Your personal banking information for sale...

All these financial institutions that have been busy transferring their call centres outside of the EU, notably to India, must be quaking in their boots, as press reports (opens in new tab)suggest that call centre staff are busy flogging off customer info to the highest bidder.

This always was quite likely, given the disparity in wages between India and the UK, but the scale of the problem is a lot larger (opens in new tab)than any of the banks are willing to admit.

According to The Sunday Times, all manner of UK customer data, including driving licence numbers, passport details and the like, are being "stolen" from Indian call centres and sold on through middlemen who auction the data off to the highest bidder.

Tomorrow's broadcast of Channel 4 Dispatches at 9pm apparently blows the lid (opens in new tab) on the scale of the problem, with one middleman offer the program the credit card files of 200,000 Brits as "commercial leads."

And the same middleman is reported to have offered the program's researcher information on 8,000 mobile phone punters.

What's interesting about the program is that it reveals the Indian call centres as becoming pro-active in the frauds, cold calling Brits and offering them a super-duper mobile phone deal in a bid to extract credit/debit card details, including the three digit CVV code on the card's signature strip.

The mobile deal, of course, never gets processed, but the call centre has your name, address, employment details, mother's maiden name (just for security, sir), card details, bank details...

I could go on, but you get the drift...