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New York cop branded a ghoul thief...

An NYPD cop has been busted (opens in new tab) for allegedly stealing credit cards - from corpses.

Officer Eduardo Saillant, aged 38, of the 60th Precinct in Brooklyn, has been charged with nicking the cards whilst investigating the deaths of elderly people.

The first alleged theft occurred on May 3, when Saillant and his partner responded to a report of a death on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, where they they found the body of Howard Apler, aged 63, who died of heart disease.

Saillant is alleged to have nicked Apler's Visa card and used it to charge items at a Home Depot store and to gas up his car. A short time later, the dead man's sister noticed charges being made to the card and, after talking with relatives, alerted the cops.

The case is an interesting one as, when someone dies, it can take some time before the banks are notified that a punter has passed on.

During this time, of course, the accounts are still valid, and the estate of the deceased is liable for the debts incurred.

Unless, of course, the deceased has a relative/friend that spots what has been going on...