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Card fraud - realisation dawns

I spotted an unusual item - £19.95 for a search engine entry - on my Nationwide Visa credit card (opens in new tab)yesterday.

This follows on from an attempted charge to my HSBC credit card the other month for £54.00-odd for an Interflora delivery to the Philippines, which HSBC's anti-fraud people spotted, and phoned me at 0830 on Sunday morning to query.

And I've realised where my cards got ripped - at a cafe in the Palais Royale in Paris earlier in the year. The waiter tried to swipe my Nationwide card, and it didn't go through. Then I tried my HSBC card - and that didn't go through either.

We ended up paying the bill in cash.

At my request, HSBC cancelled our cards and re-issued them.

No such luck with Nationwide. They're refunding the £19.95 to the account, but, incredibly, are not reversing the transaction - known as a chargeback in credit card land - as it's too much hassle.

Basically they are standing the loss. Which is all very well, except that the fraudster will now get away with the £19.95 and could well try again for a larger amount of munney...

I shall be watching my Nationwide card account like a bloody hawk for the next few months, I can tell you...