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Virtual Tape Library merges Tape and Disk

McDATA Corporation launched its new Virtual Tape Library (VTL). The VTL is a disk-to-disk-to-tape solution that enables efficient backup leveraging both disk and tape media.

It improves backup and restore performance and reliability while leveraging the current systems used. As the amount of data a company must store increases, these factors become more pronounced in a tape environment.

Companies that utilize tape are limited in the amount of time they have to backup their data. Regulatory and corporate governance have contributed to larger amounts of data to protect and retain over longer periods of time.

These increasing amounts of data lead to longer backup times that cannot be completed in the amount of time provided. If the backup is not complete, data can be missed in the process and this exposes the company to possible litigation and regulatory risks.

Restore performance and reliability is also a significant challenge as organizations attempt to recover from data dispersed onto multiple physical tapes.

The VTL emulates physical tape libraries and drives while using disk to improve backup and restore performance and reliability to help companies meet their backup and recovery objectives.

McDATA VTL provides better accessibility in a reliable and secure fashion. Tape is a linear media that cannot be randomly accessed and must be rewound. It is subject to moisture, dirt and other physical damage that can compromise its reliability.

Tapes can also be easily lost or stolen from facilities increasing security risks. Plus, the complexity of recovery in a remote site combined with the inherent reliability and performance limitations of tape magnify the challenges.

The VTL solves these problems by leveraging any disk to emulate the physical tape media improving reliability and performance.

The VTL can attach to physical libraries to import and export backup data to/from physical tapes, allowing portability without changing the data format so that the backup software can still read the physical tape without the product.

Furthermore, it can replicate backup data across IP to easily enable off-site copies of virtual tapes.

Désiré Athow

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