French bank first out of the gate with card sleeve readers

Whilst most of Europe's banks are either piloting or planning trials of two-factor authentication devices for their high value retail (i.e. consumer) or business customers, a French bank, BMCE, is trialling card sleeve readers for its business e-banking punters.

Sleeve readers are one step further up the authentication food chain from two-factor authentication devices since they require the user to slide the card into the reader, to add to the security.

BMCE - Banque Commerciale pour le Marchi de l'Entreprise - has only recently introduced its Domipass e-banking service, and using Xiring's sleeve readers for its business customers.

The challenge-response security system works when the customer logs on to the e-banking Web site and is asked to insert his/her card into the sleeve reader, and enter their PIN.

The reader then displays the eight digit response code, which is entered into the Web site to allow access...