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Salesforce get another Open Source Plug-in

JasperSoft Corporation announced the availability of Jasper4Salesforce for's AppExchange.

Jasper4Salesforce delivers easy access to advanced reporting by building on top of the AppExchange on-demand platform to integrate the one of the more popular open source reporting solution into the Salesforce suite of applications.

Its integration with the Salesforce suite of on- demand applications allows customers to create advanced BI reports on-demand directly within their existing applications.

In addition it will enables ad-hoc and interactive reporting with no data integration required.

Customers can simply deploy Jasper4Salesforce via the AppExchange to rapidly gain secure, high-performance reporting services.

The application has already been deployed at more than a dozen enterprise customers, including Workstream Inc., a provider of on-demand enterprise workforce management software, which is testing the products advanced reporting capabilities.

Key features of Jasper4Salesforce include:

- Seamless integration with the Salesforce on-demand suite of business applications

- No additional application required, no training needed;

- Advanced reporting -- combining information from multiple objects, creating pixel-perfect layouts;

- Drag and drop ad hoc report creation for business users;

- Drillable dashboards, reports and charts;

- Support for advanced custom formulas and filters;

- High performance secure access to Salesforce data;

- Scalability to thousands of reports under management;

- Printer-friendly views of data;

- Scheduling and report distribution by email; and

- Powerful set of ready-to-run reports.

The initial release of Jasper4Salesforce is currently available at (opens in new tab), featuring a complete set of pre-defined interactive reports. Pricing starts at $20 per user per month with a minimum of five users and is immediately available at (opens in new tab) in the new analytics category.

Désiré Athow

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