Dell tries to make Linux clusters even better

Addressing the rapid migration to Linux clusters, Platform Computing is introducing Platform Open Cluster Stack (OCS), a modular and hybrid stackthat transparently integrates open source and commercial software into a single consistent cluster operating environment.

Platform OCS is a pre-integrated, vendor certified software stack that assures the consistent delivery of scale- out application clusters. This enhanced software stack eliminates the higher costs of development, sales and support caused by inconsistent software development and certification in Linux clusters.

At this week's Intel Developer Forum, Intel, Dell and Platform demonstrated the ability of Platform OCS to empower an entirely new class of users by simplifying Linux cluster application, deployment and management with a consistent, easy-to-deploy software stack.

The demonstration featured a number of off-the-shelf applications on a single software stack, including Fluent and LS-DYNA.

Platform OCS is the latest offering of the distribution model established with Dell and Platform over the last two and a half years and offers enhanced support of the Platform Rocks package.

Platform OCS is backed by a global 24x7 enterprise support infrastructure and features theindustry leading Rocks Cluster(TM) toolkit as a framework.