Telephone marketing calls - and how to stop 'em

Tottered over to Birmingham last week for Call Centre Expo, where the experts were talking about outbound marketing calls - of which I get a lot on both the home and office lines.

According to Ofcom, who were speaking at the event, despite the fact that BT doesn't really publicise its Anonymous Call Rejection and Choose To Refuse services, there are a lot of BT punters signing up for the facilities.

On top of this, there are are now more than 13 million residential phone users in the UK that have signed up for the free Telephone Preference Service. And 533,000 mobile users. I didn't know you could sign up your mobile for TPS -Ed.

Ofcom says that Anonymous Call Reject - the blocking of withheld and unavailable caller ID calls - now has around 168,000 landline users, whilst the Choose to Refuse service - which allows landline users to selectively block certain calls, including those with a withheld caller ID - now has around 186,000 users.

This is but a small drop in the ocean as far as the number of BT landlines there are in the UK. But we're getting there.

And you could always adopt the attitude of this rather sharp, but humorous, recipient of an ADT marketing call - see here...