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Byte and Switch Names Attune Systems 'Top 10 Startup to Watch'

Attune Systems announced that it has been selected to the's Byte and Switch exclusive "Top 10 Startups to Watch" list.

The article states that "while the other file virtualization products are Linux-based, Attune's Maestro File Manager is built on the Windows-based CIFS protocol, which it claims makes it easier to set up and manage in a Microsoft shop than its competitors. It also provides the startup a powerful ally in Redmond."

The article further highlights the fact that "being CIFS-based and a Microsoft partner gives Attune a leg up on Linux-based virtualization vendors when it comes to developing their products to work well with CIFS. "

Brad O'Neill, storage analyst from the Taneja Group and author of the Network File Management (NFM) category, is quoted in the article regarding the selection.

"Attune is Windows-centric, and 90 percent of files in that [file server] environment are Windows," said O'Neill. "If I'm Microsoft, I'm overjoyed there's a player out there building on our platform. Now if they can drive that relationship into Microsoft's channel, they're in good shape."

Attune's file virtualization appliance, the Maestro File Manager FM5500, allows system administrators to gradually deploy the latest NAS virtualization solutions and provide global namespace across their heterogeneous Windows-based environments.

Maestro supports three concurrent operational stages: out-of-band discovery, native mode and extended mode. It also includes detailed resource discovery, alerts, reporting and proactive intervention to avoid disruption and maintain business continuity.

Désiré Athow

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