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One AntiVirus engine is not enough says GFI

I was interested to read that GFI (opens in new tab) is warning (opens in new tab) business PC users that installing a single anti-virus engine is not enough to protect against all types of virus attacks.

GFI's claim follows on from an FBI study (opens in new tab)that found out that, although 97 per cent of organisations had AV software installed (pity the other three per cent -Ed) 65 per cent had still been hit by a a virus attack in the last 12 months.

65 per cent? That's a rather high figure in my humble opinion.

Delving back into the FBI report reveals that the study did not take into account the possibility that the organisations were infected using hybrid attacks, or whether the firms concerned had firewalls, anti-trojan and other anti-malware software installed.

What GFI should have said is that using a single AV engine/software on its own is insufficient. You still need a full security suite.

Anyways up - GFI has written a white paper to back up its claim that one virus engine is not enough, which you can download here (opens in new tab)...