Burger King meal costs Florida man $4,783.63

The concept of `charge it to my card' changed for Gary Winn, a service technician for a local furniture firm, when he dropped into an Orlando, Florida Burger King recently.

Because, when he got his bank statement, he realise he'd been charged $4,783.53 for a chicken biscuit and sweet tea meal!

On top of that, he didn't actually get his `meal' as the transaction was declined - twice. Hardly surprising, given the value of it -Ed.

According to newswire reports, this isn't the first super-sized bill for a Burger King customer. In March, George Beane was charged $4,334.33 for four burgers at a Californian branch of the chain.

Mind you, it does help to read the EFTPOS terminal's screen before signing or entering your PIN...