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Virtualisation solution breaks price barrier

DataCore Software announced a new Virtual Infrastructure Foundation solution, which serves as a simple and affordable way for users to begin experiencing the true benefits of going virtual.

The software represents a major industry first in breaking through the $1,000 price point for a SAN software solution that includes automated virtual capacity functionality.

DataCore has made this automation feature, also known as thin provisioning or 'auto-grow' disk space, affordable and simple to use by all. Previously this type of capability was available only to the highest-end data center systems selling for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This virtual infrastructure package is ideal for small as well as mid- sized businesses and workgroups that want to achieve a new level of efficiency and flexibility through hardware independence and in managing and automating the utilization of their storage resources to multiple systems using affordable Ethernet IP-based networks.

Part of the SANmelody family of products, the SANmelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation enables any enterprise to leverage existing Ethernet and IP/LAN network interconnections through its iSCSI support and to optimize storage space and automate capacity utilization across many servers.

Overcome the "system down: disk space exceeded" problem. SANmelody transforms a PC into a powerful and cost effective disk server that serves disk space over a network - an affordable IP storage network or iSCSI SAN.

The powerful "Auto-Grow" Provisioning Virtual Capacity feature demonstrates the ease and flexibility of virtualization. The Virtual Capacity feature in effect does thin provisioning, meaning it provides a thin slice of the total capacity available across the network.

DataCore's Virtual Capacity presents very large virtual volumes (capacity that can be Terabytes) to applications, but only allocates and uses disk blocks and space dynamically as the applications actually consumes it.

This "just-in-time" storage allocation "auto-grow" capability maximizes disk space utilization and enhances productivity through automation. Best of all, SANmelody Virtual Infrastructure Foundation eliminates the downtime.

Applications can continue to run without impact - as they get more capacity since they have access to the virtual capacity in the storage pool. Systems don't have to be disrupted or stopped to add more disk capacity to each system that hits its local storage capacity limits.

Additional features and benefits include:

- The ability to consolidate and manage up to 3TB (Terabytes) of storage

- Virtual Capacity Flexibility - "Auto-Grow" provisioning of disk space

- The ability to utilize existing Ethernet IP/LAN connectivity and networks

- Simple iSCSI SAN storage networking

- Storage I/O caching and performance acceleration support

- A hardware independent platform enabling user choice in storage devices and the ability to serve many different servers and types (Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, Netware, Solaris, etc.)

Désiré Athow

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