Fonality gobbles trixbox, the world's Largest Asterisk Based Community

Fonality acquired trixbox, the world's largest Asterisk-based community. Trixbox founder Andrew Gillis will join Fonality and continue to lead the trixbox community.

Fonality will commit engineering resources and broad financial support to continue fostering innovation in the trixbox open source community.

Trixbox, formerly Asterisk@Home, is the world's leading distributor of Asterisk-based software, with an average of 1,500 downloads a day. It was designed to be the easiest to use version of free Asterisk, which has contributed to its huge following.

The value of trixbox is that, in under an hour, a non-technical user can download and install, not only Asterisk, but Linux, SugarCRM, MySQL, FreePBX and other applications.

Trixbox tightly integrates these open applications to work together on one physical server, providing companies with a PBX phone system and the surrounding applications they need to support their business. Trixbox is completely free.

The Trixbox community has the largest number of registered users and the most active forums for discussing and resolving open source telephony and Asterisk-specific issues.

Trixbox will remain an open source project licensed under the general public license (GPL), which encourages innovative software development both within the Asterisk environment and the larger open source community.