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Golden Rant : When e-banking protection is too draconian

I've been doing my business and personal tax returns this week, which has meant that I've been logging on and off my HSBC personal e-banking service far more than usual.

Normally I only access the system a couple of times a week.

After three days of accessing HSBC's e-banking service five or six times a day, the service booted me off on Wednesday with a request to call the Internet banking team.

I've now had to authenticate myself at an HSBC branch with photo ID and will have to wait whilst a new e-banking ID is issued by post.

All my security questions and passwords have also got to be changed, as HSBC thinks I may have been subject to a trojan or phishing attack.

No guys, I'm just doing my annual accounts for Herr Gordon Brown, the uber-mensch of the tax office.

Initially I though that the problem, though tedious, was a sign of HSBC's security team doing their stuff. But then I thought - wouldn't a phone call to me on my usual phone number have been more courteous?

Why should I have to physically go to a branch with a passport or driving licence, just to check my own accounts?

HSBC's e-banking service, it seems, is most definitely provided on the bank's terms...