It's phishing time!

Hackers are ramping up the volume of their phishing emails as they try to get access to our card and bank accounts, according to an updated survey from Symantec.

The survey, which analysed the volume of phishing emails sent on the world's Internet systems, found that the volume of phishing emails almost doubled in the first six months of this year.

Over 157,000 unique phishing messages were sent out around the world in the first half of 2006, an increase of 81 per cent compared with the six-month period to the end of December, 2005.

Symantec's threat report adds that each phishing email is now being sent to hundreds of thousand's of Internet users, with organised crims pulling the strings.

"Organised crime is here and they are very interested in phishing. They target home users who have become the weakest link," said Symantec's research scientist, Ollie Whitehouse...