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Petabyte NAS solution uncovered

There are only a handful of storage solutions on the market that allow you to harbour petabytes of on-line informations within a single homogeneous environment. The S2A9550 Cluster from Datadirect is one of those best of breeds top end solutions.

They are specifically designed for high performance or high capacity cluster applications for seismic analysis and processing. Delivering up to up to 100 GB/s and petabytes of storage in a single storage solution, this 7th generation solution provides optimal cluster NAS performance for highly scalable, open system computing environments.

The S2A9550 Archive Solution is a combination of its Silicon Storage Appliance (S2A) and a volume metric efficient 48 SATA drive package. With its hardware RAID 6 and parity checking of all read I/Os, the S2A9550 allows seismic applications to implement a reliable online or nearline active archive that can scale up to 720 TB in a two rack solution -- up to 5 times more dense and scaleable than other comparable disk based storage systems.

Oil and gas exploration is one of the most compute and data intensive businesses on the planet. Advancements in data gathering technologies, analysis algorithms, 2D, 3D and 4D geological and seismic modeling have resulted in a proliferation of data, with raw seismic data sets upwards of several terabytes.

Accessing and managing historical data archives adds additional time and expense in this global competitive environment where time is money. "S2A9550 storage solutions provide an extremely high performance and massively scalable storage platform to consolidate energy applications and data, affording continuous and timely information access that is vital to the energy exploration process," said Paul Bloch, president of DataDirect Networks.

The S2A9550 storage platform is based on DataDirect's industry proven S2A technology which fully integrates a parallel, non-blocking architecture with SAN functionality in one simple, easy-to-use intelligent device.

The S2A delivers high performance, highly reliable storage solutions that are easy-to-install, easy-to-scale and easy-to-manage. The S2A's unique architecture and consolidated functionality removes the complexity, congestion, latency and contention of generic RAID systems delivering very high performance with dramatically lower total-cost-of-ownership and improved return-on-IT-investments.

This optimal block level and file system performance design supports a broad range of NAS and SAN solutions powering compute clusters from IBM, Dell, HP, Cray, SGI, Bull and others. Unique to the S2A9550 is its innovative hardware RAID 6 and double parity protection for enhanced data availability without impacting solution performance.

Désiré Athow

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