Say hello to McGruff the Crime Dog

McGruff the Crime Dog - a US anti-crime mascot that's been around since the late 1970s - is going digital.

The mascot is to be the centre-piece of the US National Crime Prevention Council's new campaign to `Take a Bite Out of Cyber Crime,' with a Web site - - going live over the weekend,.

According to US newswire reports, both business and consumer users of the Internet will be encouraged to download a free 36-page brochure with tips on how best to protect themselves and their computers against cybercrime.

Ann Harkins, the Council's vice president, is quoted as saying that the message remains the same with McGruff: Do your part to prevent crime before it occurs.

"You start with lights, locks and alarms to protect your home. Now the equivalent is security to keep the bad guys out in cyberspace," she said.

Online McGruff (shouldn't that be e-McGruff? -Ed) advises Netters to immunise their PCs by installing anti-virus, firewall and other software. To help people, the Council has struck a deal with McAfee for discounted software and services, as well as free trials...