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Terrorism toolbar

(This is supposed to be a G-rated blog, but my first response to this was: WTF?)

We see all kinds of stuff.[1]_thumb.jpg

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It’s a “terrorism” toolbar made by Conduit (opens in new tab)(formerly EffectiveBrand) and distributed by an apparent security firm run by a fellow who advertises himself as “Internet Anthropologist”.

It promises to:

Fight terrorism or just stay informed with Intel "NOT ON TV".

Terrorist are spreading their HATE and lies on the WWW. You can post the truth in the same forums they use, counter their lies with the truth.

We provide state of the art security and guide lines.


Even an encrypted IM so you can counter-terrorist surf with a buddy (recommended) and keep in touch.

Join our "cyber corps", for tips and help. We give you Tools for evidence collection and reporting links.



TOOLBAR Includes FREE: Arabic Keyboard, 1000 terrorist sites, "Al Qaeda" manual, steganography tools, translation Arabic to English, and a list of forums they use, Encrypted email and IM. Music Juke box, all FREE, to help in your Anti-terrorist surfing.

Free EASY VPN, Proxy tester, Intel updates, Investigative TOOLS, SECURITY systems, Terrorism SOURCES and a group to work with if you want. Knowledge Base, Gov. Sources, VIDEOS, posting tools, who owns site, location etc. Screen grabber, NAS AND CIA PHONE NUMBERS, CUSTOM RSS feeds, Also NBC survival FAQ. Radiation and Blast Caculators, Home made Fallout Meter, Rootkit Hunters.

A little moving ticker of “Terrorist Events” gets installed up at the top.

Choice phrases include:

North Korea claims nuclear test DONE

Now They Show Themselves


Letter Casts Doubts on Iran’s Goal for Uranium

Armor Saves 'Lucky' Marine in Iraq

Pennsylvania: Man Accused of Qaeda Conspiracy

Blessed be al Qa'ida and Arab Mujahideen

"Prime Minister" of Jihadism

Terrorists adapt to damaged Al Qaeda

"Serri Lel-Ghaya" (top secret)


Mr. Buffett’s ( BILLONAIR ) Excellent Idea

Allah's reality

Allah's fatwa against terrorists???

mockery of Islam

Each ticker is linked to an article like (opens in new tab) this one:

And the Intel button links to this page: (opens in new tab)

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And check out the pull-down menu:

But serious antiterrorism folks need a rest, too, right? No problem! Notice “Our Jukebox”? It’s linked to a collection of YouTube music videos so you can “listen while you work”.

The toolbar can be downloaded from a site that is run by “Gerald”, who calls himself “Chief Forensics Computer Researcher (tracking & Research)”. His background is as an “ex-Private Investigator, former Stockbroker ( series 7 and 13 ), and Degreed Internet Anthropologist ( study of how Internet culture works).” There’s even a Powerpoint available on his company.

An example of some of the text on his site:

We have Contacts at all major news CNN, ABC, Fox, CBS, TIME, MAGS & NEWSPAPERS

Inputs to major US Intelligence services, Pentagon OASD/C3I/ITD (OSD-DOM) , and and Air Force Sec, and Army signal command, and SSG/SWSN, and can serve as a untracable conduit for data from Information Brokers.

NOTE: We have chose not to use a Domain name/url for security reasons. A DOS (denial of service) attack takes several hours to set up, a NON-domain URL takes 10 min. to change, it takes weeks to change a Domain URL. Any questions, you can email US.

But what, there’s more! There’s even a link to another toolbar in the product, a police toolbar! (opens in new tab)

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This terrorism toolbar looks harmless enough and is distributed by an apparently well-meaning fellow. In fact, there’s probably even some useful links in the toolbar if you’re really into this field.

Like I said, we see all kinds of stuff

Alex is a technology CEO, with leadership, operating partner, investor, and board member roles at security firms including AutoLoop, Borland, Quarterdeck (now Symantec and Cisco WebEx), GFI/TeamViewer, Sunbelt Software (now ThreatTrack Security), BlueStripe Software, StopBadware, Knowbe4, Malwarebytes, and Runaware Holding AB. When CEO of Sunbelt he ran a security blog, and he still writes on security.