Digital Media Related Patents to be auctionned soon

Ocean Tomo Auctions has announced that Phoam Technologies has consigned their patent portfolio and technologies which embed data such as merchandising, advertising, up-sells, cross-branding, network optimization, downloads, interactive music videos and games, etc., in digital audio, image, video and other media files such as MP3, MPEG, JPEG, and cell phone conversations.

The Lot will be sold at The Ocean Tomo Fall 2006 Live Intellectual Property Auction next week in New York City.

This Lot includes U.S. Patent Number 6,748,362, entitled "Process, System, and Apparatus for Embedding Data in Compressed Audio, Image, Video and Other Media Files and the Like," and U.S. Patent Number 6,768,980 entitled "Method of and Apparatus for High-Bandwidth Steganographic Embedding of Data in a Series of Digital Signals or Measurements Such as Taken from Analog Data Streams or Subsampled and/or Transformed Digital Data."

The Lot also contains C and Java toolkit API's, one allowed U.S. MP3 patent application, two pending U.S. applications and five foreign filings, along with Digital Gold(TM), a trademark and service mark for these services. The technologies are most applicable to the electronics, telecommunications, and digital music and media industries.

The IP and technologies are both disruptive and counter-disruptive. In other words, they generate whole new businesses, and help companies adapt to and counter new competitive threats, particularly in the digital entertainment industry.

They can add new functions to digital media formats without affecting their standards compatibility - and they are backwards and forwards compatible. Additionally, they interoperate with industry-standard DRM technologies.

The business of digital music and entertainment is moving full speed ahead. This suite of patents and technologies accelerates that speed, and ensures success in multi-billion dollar markets. This IP seamlessly integrates with current industry strategies and should give its owner an edge in the exploding digital economy.