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Malware - it's the ISP's problem to solve

Following on from my comments yesterday about Badware and the fact that the information floating around on the Net is asking life easier for phishers out there, Mark Sunner (opens in new tab), MessageLabs' CTO, made the interesting comment to me that he expects ISPs to solve the increasingly aggressive malware menace.

"You wouldn't expect to have to boil the water that comes out of your tap, so why should you have to do something similar with the data that comes down your Internet connection," he points out.

All fine and good, until you realise that many domestic punters are now using free or ultra-low-cost broadband ISPs such as TalkTalk, Orange, NTL/Virgin and others.

And since these services are either subsidised or loss-leaders, the chances of users also getting an outsourced anti-malware service from these low-cost/free ISPs is about zero - or less -Ed.

So where do we go from here?

My best guess is that we will soon see the creation of a two-tier Internet, with most domestic punters on a free or ultra-low-cost broadband service, and most businesses paying for secure high-speed Internet access.

Until Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab)decides to offer free broadband services to business users of the Net...