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HSBC - a fiasco at the tills and cash machines

More crap from the global bank that is HSBC - it seems that, following my fun and games last week when my account was frozen because I had the audacity to access my online account more than usual, The Register (opens in new tab)has blown the lid on a major systems outage last Sunday.

I got a call from a pal on Sunday who'd had his HSBC debit card refused at the supermarket and he wasn't pleased.

Now it seems that what HSBC is calling a "minor problem" affected most of its card user base for several hours on Sunday, with cards gobbled up by ATM machines and transactions refused at the check-out.

You can read what The Register has written here (opens in new tab), but I'll stick my neck out and theorise that HSBC has installed some new anti-fraud software and it's all gone pear-shaped.

I'll have to stick to theorising, of course, as HSBC's PR spin doctors - who seem an astonishingly arrogant bunch of bankers - haven't even apologised to their customers about the problems, let alone talk to the reptiles of the press like me...