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Google Sabotage

For the last few months I have been trying to access and failing from my office.

At first I thought it was due to some daft setting I’d put on my browser security and simply switched to to do my searches. However other people within the office began having similar problems which forced me to investigate the problem further.

The problem resolution began with checking the in-built router firewall and after some testing eventually disabling the entire firewall. Internet search results brought me no closer to resolving the problem. Depressed, dismayed and disillusioned I contacted some of my friends in the technical area. All thought I was on drugs or had mis-configured something somewhere.

Finally I swapped the router back to the original DLink which had problems with dropping the line. This worked fine. So I definitely knew this to be a router problem. Then one of my colleagues noticed that if they were directly connected to the router via a network cable, they could access In desperation, we disabled all the wireless security such as encryption but as you can guess to no avail.

Eventually an engineer at (opens in new tab) where I work part time asked if I had thought of upgrading the firmware. This is what I found buried in the Netgear site.

Upgrading the firmware resolved the problem. However it once again highlighted the fact that many problems are often blamed on having too much security and the troubleshooting process of disabling and re-enabling all security features can be quite long-winded.

However several questions remain in my mind. Why was the entire affected? Why is it that I cannot find anything on the internet that points to how to resolve the problem.

Comments please.

Ps If you have this problem with a Netgear DG834N router here’s where (opens in new tab) to solve the problem.