US government protecting its alien technology?

I was intrigued to read that Gary McKinnon, the Scottish hacker accused of knackering the US Defence computer network, now claims to have uncovered evidence of military UFO experiments.

McKinnon, who faces extradition to the US on all sorts of hacking charges, says that he is only being prosecuted because he found the existence of a US Forces' UFO operation.

What's interesting about the case is McKinnon, who has always insisted that he was looking for information about UFOs, adds that he discovered files detailing the work of military researchers already harnessing alien technology.

According to a report in the Scottish Daily Record of earlier this week - and which has since disappeared - McKinnon says he was looking for anything to do with UFOs and ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles).

To be honest, McKinnon's comments don't say that much about aliens, but it makes you wonder if he really has uncovered some stuff on US activities that he shouldn't have.

Then, of course, his prosecution may simply be an illustration of how paranoid the current US Administration is over hacking activities...