Five years for hacking US Army computers

A guy from Kansas has been sentenced to five years in clink for hacking into a series of US Army computer systems.

The man, Matthew Decker, aged 21, pleaded guilty to a single count of accessing a protected computer and another count of possession of an unauthorised credit card account access device.

Aha - the plot thickens -Ed

It seems that Decker, after hacking into 13 US Army computers, downloaded an unknown number of credit card details of various people, and then went on to defraud the card companies of $12,557.

In addition, the US Army says it spent $25,000 in responding to the computer theft by conducting damage assessment and restoring data and programs.

According to a US Army press release, police found between 250 and 300 credit cards when raiding Decker's apartment, whilst his PC contained a further 531 Visa and MasterCard account numbers, as well as details of the account holders.

That's not so bad then. Less a case of a computer hacking and more out-and-out credit card fraud...