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Free VoIP comparison website unveiled

There are now many companies offering VoIP services, and each one has a variety of calling plans and equipment to chose from. It is difficult, and time consuming, to compare one company to another.

That process is now easier thanks to a free web site called FreedomInternetPhoneService that provides all the information in once place to figure out which company works best for any given situation.

"There are so many different companies, plans, and costs. Some charge for phones, and some do not. Some charge start-up fees and some do not. Some offer monthly prices as low as $10 a month. All of them have a whole host of bells and whistles to make communications easier. There are personal plans, family plans, and various business plans. Sorting it all out can be very challenging," explained David Bresnahan, owner of

Bresnahan provides detailed information about the top VoIP service providers so consumers can easily shop and compare. If they find what they like they can sign up easily in just a few minutes online and have their new VoIP service installed and working within just a few days.

"There is no one VoIP company that is perfect for all customers. There are so many different plans, features, monthly costs, and other factors that you really need to look at each plan side by side to determine which one is right for your situation. That is the benefit of the web site," said Bresnahan.

Businesses and individuals that have monthly phone bills of $100 or more can save the most by using VoIP, which means Voice Over Internet Protocol.

It is a service that uses a high speed Internet connection to make phone calls using a regular telephone. The computer does not have to be turned on, and calls are made and received just like traditional calls.

There are major advantages over regular phone service, such as having virtual phone numbers in other states and cities. The biggest advantage is the extremely low, flat rate cost. Unlimited monthly calls can be as low as $20 a month with some companies.

"Just because the monthly cost is low does not mean that company is the right one for you. It pays to check out all the features, start-up costs, free phones, video phones, and other benefits before deciding which company is right," said Bresnahan.

College students are signing up for VoIP services at a rapid rate. They can get one phone number for back home, and another number at the location of their college.

That enables their family and friends to call them from home at no long-distance charge, and all their new friends at college can call them too. When they go home for the summer they can keep both numbers even though they are now living back at home.

"What college student wouldn't like to have a phone for as little as $10 a month? VoIP is changing the way we make phone calls. The next generation will never have a traditional phone. They will make all their calls using VoIP and wireless phones. And by the way, our web site offers comparison of cell phone plans as well," said Bresnahan.

Désiré Athow

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