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GigaStor increases Drive Capacity to 12TB

Network Instruments is set to increase the drive capacity of the GigaStor appliance to be able to store up to 12 terabytes of data. With the industry's largest drive capacity, the GigaStor Probe is capable of capturing terabytes of traffic to disk for network analysis on a variety of full-duplex network topologies, including WAN, LAN, Fibre Channel, wireless, gigabit and 10 Gigabit (10 GbE).

As network problems, like viruses and hackers, become more sophisticated and the number of network management issues, such as compliance enforcement and data theft prevention, increase, the need for solutions that capture enormous amounts of network traffic to disk for comprehensive analysis becomes more acute.

Network Instruments' GigaStor appliance allows organisations to store days, weeks, and even months worth of data on network performance, connections, and content to perform historical analysis and isolate network issues using its unique time-based navigation utility.

When investigating network performance issues, the GigaStor eliminates the need to recreate the problem on the network. In the case of intermittent issues, which cannot be recreated by the network administrator, captured data allows the administrator to perform historical analysis and then identify, isolate, and resolve subtle network problems.

For investigating network policy violations or compliance issues, GigaStor reassembles packet streams and recreate e-mails, visits to web sites, IM sessions, and even VoIP calls.

Désiré Athow

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