Akamai Bombarded

The Florida man accused of launching a DDOS attack on Akamai which caused the internet significant problems was in court yesterday.

John Bombard, 32, is charged with hacking into two computer systems as part of a scheme to build a botnet of "zombie" PCs to attack Akamai.

The FBI reports that Bombard compromised these systems using a variant of the GAOBOT worm. The bot network assembled for the Akamai attack included PCs at "two major universities", which are not named. The FBI alleges that Bombard "directed communication from the university computer systems to the bot network from a computer located on his domain, f0r.org".

On June 15, 2004, a DDOS attack Bombard attacked Akamai's DNS (domain name system) servers. During the attack,Akamai-hosted sites were either unavailable or slow to access.