Barclays Banks on New Technology

After recent reports showing that in the UK alone, £8.2 billion was spent on the web in 2005, it’s no surprise that competition between online retailers is heating up. There is growing demand for flexible web solutions that increase both consumer engagement and sales.

The UK banking corporation Barclays is one of the first to meet this demand. Barclays commissioned Transversal, a leading provider of knowledge management systems, to implement their Sales Engine solution across the Barclays Website.

Consumers who use Transversal’s “Ask a Question” feature will now view graphic and classified-style advertising alongside answers to their queries. Advertising is targeted to relate to the consumer’s question or to highlight products chosen by Barclay.

The Sales Engine aims to increase cross-promotions and overall sales. It replaces the Barclay Website’s original Help, FAQ, and Contact Us options, offering a more effective way to meet consumers’ and advertisers’ goals.